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Bits 'n' Bobs and Beers

Busy doing nothing?

Sometimes there are those weeks, in between the big projects, where you just need to finish off the little odds and ends. It's both usefull and necessary but very often you end up feeling like you've been busy doing nothing! This was definitely one of those weeks for Eden-designs. But the sun has been shining and the beer gardens are open so I just had to treat myself to a cheeky pub lunch along the way!

Ear, Ear!

I began the week finishing off a school commission creating some giant 3D ears (yes, you did hear me correctly!) I often have to pinch myself, I get paid to do the most random things sometimes!

This involved getting very messy with chicken wire and ModRoc then painting and varnishing when dry. It was all a bit 'Blue Peter' but I think they turned out pretty well, don't you?

Garden Designs

I've been working on lots more digital design projects lately and the warmer weather allowed me to install these printed plaques in a school garden this week - just in time for the summer term.

These are part of a whole range of shaped wall plaques I have designed specifically for oustside areas. Featuring bold images and key vocabulary, they are perfect for school playgrounds and nurseries.

Graffiti Art

I've also created a mural design for a boys bedroom this week. It features his name and all his favourite things incorporated into a Graffiti style backdrop. This will be printed onto a large vinyl wall sticker, courtesy of my favourite printers at Wall Art Installations, as a unique birthday gift.

Bespoke commissions like this are so much fun to do! (Contact me for prices)

Exciting Deliveries

The end of the week was topped off by the delivery of an exciting new scuplture from Wild in Art. This will form part of a trail called 'Gratitude' which will see 49 human form sculptures touring the UK this summer; designed by individual artists and sponsored by different businesses who want to acknowledge key workers and pay tribute to the NHS. The spectacular outdoor public art installation, which commemorates and celebrates the stories of this extraordinary moment in time, will be launching in Birmingham in the summer 2021. I'm so thankful to my sponsor Ocado for chosing my design and giving me the opportunity to showcase my artwork in such a prominant exhibition. I can't wait to show you my design!

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