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Back to School

For Eden-Designs

It's that time of year when Schools start to unwind for the Summer Holidays, but not for Eden-Designs. The majority of my business is painting murals in schools so the last 18 months have been really tough! I've had to diversify to enable me to continue working, developing my digital design portfolio amongst other things. But this past few weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to back to school.

Star Qualities

I have been working closely with The Olive School in Birmingham who are part of Star Academies. They commissioned me to create some murals along their school corridors which were looking very bare. Having discussed their ideas to showcase inspirationsl people with 'star qualities', I came up with a scheme utilising the Star Acadamy logo and colours.

Each corridor features portraits and quotes from key indivduals related to the curriculum, all illustrated with images showcasing their achievemts. It was so much fun to research and educate myself along the way. It was also a real delight to be back in a school; surrounded by curious children and bringing a buzz back into the building.

Everyone is delighted with the results and I'm excited to have several other projects already booked to work with them again soon.

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