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The public art installation thanking the NHS and key workers

The main sculpture painting season of the year is coming to an end for Eden-designs and it will soon be time to share the excitment as the summer of public art trails begin. The final sculptures to leave my studio last week were not the giant animals you will be used to seeing me paint but two human forms. These will join 47 others on 20th August for the launch of 'Gratitude', a spectacular new art installation brought to you by Wild in Art.

Time to reflect

Key workers standing together, but apart, is an iconic image from the global pandemic. Artists from across the country have submitted designs which reflect this moment in time. Impactful and reflective, 'Gratitude' will commemorate and celebrate these stories, connecting people and communities to create a lasting social history of our collective experiences.

A public art display like no other

Launching in Birmingham on 20th August, the unique installion will see 49 sculptures in a free to view exhitibion touring Manchester, Edinburgh and London; each one designed by individual artists and sponsored by businesses who want to acknowledge key workers and pay tribute to the NHS.

After the tour each sculpture will be auctioned to raise funds for NHS Charities Together.

The two designs I have created for this trail are titled 'Clap for Heroes' and 'Connect. I actually found it really difficult to come up with the designs for this sculpture. Somehow it felt more serious and important to capture this moment in a respectful way although I really wanted to keep the sense of fun typical of my usual style. My designs are colourful and crisp reflecting some positive moments of life during the pandemic.

'Clap for Heroes'

The coronavirus outbreak has driven millions of people to shelter at home for long days of anxiousness and boredom. In country after country, people have responded by taking to their balconies, windows, and rooftops to sing to one another, to applaud and show gratitude to key workers, banging pots and pans and playing music to lift one another’s spirits. This design has been inspired by these events and celebrates our sense of community spirit.

Sponsored by Ocado.


A year marked by physical distance during the pandemic has led to new challenges on how to remain socially connected. My design has been inspired by our use of digital media to engage with our families and friends during this time of social isolation. From virtual hangouts and video chats to online fitness classes, working and home schooling to quiz nights and celebrations, developing a thriving social network has become more important than ever.

Sponsored by KPMG.

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