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Sacred Stained Glass

Grand Religious Artwork Installed at The Olive School

It was a busy summer for Eden-designs murals as I continued creating over the holidays. Empty schools provide the perfect opportunity to create and install artwork in all those awkward areas which are otherwise too difficult to access while the students are around. This summer was spent at The Olive School in Birmingham delivering a huge Holy project.

Regarded with Reverence

This project has been a long time in the planning and development stage. The brief was to create a series of 14 artwork panels for an arched ceiling in the school hall featuring a timeline of the Prophet Muhammad and stories of other Muslim Prophets. It was a real education for me as I worked closely with the school's religious leader to ensure the artwork told the stories of Islam accurately and sensitively.

Divine Designs

The high, arched ceiling and spiritual subject matter lent itself perfectly to a stained glass window style design. I wanted to create colourful artwork which would inspire a sense of awe and wonder in the students, much like walking into a religious building as your eyes are drawn up to elaborately crafted windows and ceilings. Each panel has been digitally designed in a simplistic style with heavy black outlines to mimic stained glass leaded windows and a colour palette which provides a sense of light.

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