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 Case Studies

Successfully completing mural commissions for over 15 years.

I have worked on hundreds of creative projects with a broad range of clients.

Here are a few of my favourite commissions.

Proudly created by Eden Designs
Computer Room



Hand-Painted Mural

This Mural was created for  a large entrance stairwell at Scientia Academy. I was asked to create a design which reflected the school ethos, values and educational themes. The design is bold and simple featuring graphic painted icons and figures. As part of the design, I also re-branded the school's house logos which were incorporated into the final mural of an inspirational values tree.

Tree of Values

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Donna on the amazing artwork commissioned for Scientia Academy. From the start of the consultation, Donna was able to draw together my idea of showcasing the school’s curriculum into a coherent design that captured all the key elements that I wanted to display. She was able to pull together the schools taught curriculum, our ethos and values and my vision for where we were going next. The finished piece is stunning, not only in its physical scale but in its bespoke, stylish depiction of everything that is important to us all at Scientia. The art- work is at the centre of the school and always creates a ‘wow’ moment on first sight. The children love to look at all the details and the added extra of designing our House Team emblems really put the icing on the cake. Donna is an inspirational artist who was able to create magic from my abstract thoughts, concepts and vision, I can’t wait to see what she will come up with next.”

Helen Bye (Headteacher) Scientia Academy.



Digital Design Project


These double sided pull-up banners were developed to create a multi-purpose classroom teaching aid. I was initially commissioned to design a series of illustrated  maps for this school as a  learning aid. These were then further developed with the addition of a history timeline. The designs have been developed in line with the national curriculum.

Classroom Banners

"The vibrant and professional work of Eden designs is exceptional. The process is highly bespoke and well considered due to the  depth and breadth Donna has in the educational sector. As curriculum is at the heart of our school improvement journey, Donna was able to capture our requirements and mirror our principles in a precise and creative manner.

The outcomes for our school were not only about artistic and aesthetic environment development but the knowledge and research that went into our teaching aids. This meant we were able to match the visual learning with factual content. Our team worked closely with Donna and are now using the 'banners' every day in the classroom and across subject areas. Another successful project with Eden designs so thank you, Donna! "

Nicole Fowles (Head teacher)

Boldmere Bear
Splat 1.png


The Big Sleuth Sculpture trail 2017

My sculpture design was chosen from competition entries to create a bear for the Boldmere community. The design was developed to reflect the area and features scenes from around the neighbourhood. It was well loved by the community and I have since created s series of hanging  banners for Boldmere High Street.

The Boldmere Bear

“We are delighted to have Boldmere involved in this summer’s creative art project. The Big Sleuth is a celebration of Birmingham’s communities and we are delighted that so many local people and businesses have supported it.  There is always a wealth of stories to tell and this is a particularly special one, which we have every confidence Donna will bring to life through her design.”

Ben Reed (Creative Development Manager) Wild in Art



Art Workshop

This large mural was created in collaboration with students from accross the whole school.  I worked closely with them to develop a series of creative art activities appropriate to different ages and abilities. Each child worked with me to create a star to be included as a collage within the mural. The final result is an impressive entrance to the school and reflects their motto 'Reach for the Stars'.

Reach for the Stars

"The art work is stunning and completely captures our theme for the year. It is an incredible achievement that 360 pupils all contributed in some way to making a star to adorn the rainbow of colours, and the effect is truly breathtaking. Pupils, staff and our many visitors to school all stop to admire the art as they pass by.

The children all enjoyed working with you to create their stars and the overall piece is an inspiration to us all. You may be pleased to hear that the completion of the work coincided with the news that we have achieved a Gold Arts Mark for our commitment to the creative arts. Clearly, your art work has helped us towards this nationally recognised award."

Alison Walklett (Head teacher)

Stars Workshop
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