Experienced Mural Artist

Donna Newman BA(Hons)

Childhood and Education

The thing I remember most about my childhood is Blue Peter and spending Thursday
evenings making mini masterpieces out of papier mache and toilet roll tubes! I was raised in
a creative environment with my father, an engraver and silver smith, who encouraged me to
draw. My love of all things creative eventually led me to Art school where I studied Fine Art,
specialising in drawing and painting. I’ve always enjoyed painting on a large scale and when
my student sized budget would allow I would paint on 6ft canvases with huge 3’’ brushes.

Work and Family

After leaving university I found myself working in retail fashion as a Visual Merchandising
Manager (I still can’t resist pretty shoes!) which is a career I enjoyed for 8 years. My time
spent painting decreased as all the other priorities in life increased…a house, a marriage and
then two fantastic children. It was when my children were born that I began mural painting.
First the ‘Jungle Nursery’ and then ‘Eleanor’s Farmyard’ bedroom. Suddenly I realised how
much I missed painting. I went on to design and paint a fairytale room for my niece and
since then have been painting murals everywhere.

Professional Artist

This is when I decided that I would try to make a living out of my craft and Eden-designs
(my 3rd baby) was born. I’m based in a studio at the bottom of my garden but can be found
painting my murals all across the Midlands.

I am proud to have been successfully completing mural commissions for over 10 years.
Please browse some of my favorite work in the Gallery. Hopefully you will like what I have
achieved so far and would consider letting me loose with a paintbrush on your wall!